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UPDATE — we were blessed to have an early approval by Facebook!! We are back and now have security provisions in place so that ALL team members have access to The Oil Posse page!! Yay!!! Bless you all for working so quickly to help us through, what we thought, would be a long process but ended up being a fast process. <3 


Dear The Oil Posse followers/fans,

We have lost access to The Oil Posse Facebook page! Unfortunately, we only had one of us as an admin for the page, Amy Moore, Amy White Moore, (who is legally changing her name to Aimee Watson). Because she went ahead and changed her name on her personal Facebook page, her personal Facebook page was flagged.

Some well-meaning Young Living “friend” flagged her personal page. I’m sure this person thought Facebook would take the time to check out the situation — we are here to tell you they do not — they simply shut down the account and it could take a very long time to resolve the issue — reality is, she may never get her page back.

We will stop right here for a just a quick minute to share a personal plea — please, if you do not know someone well, please do not run amok and flag/turn in their personal Facebook page — please. We have become a society that has allowed fear to take over better judgement. This action has created a devastating situation for her and Facebook does not make it easy to resolve this situation… it could literally take 6 months or longer to resolve. We are all praying for a miracle that it will be sooner but reality is that it will take a long time and a lot of time to fix.

Now, as to The Oil Posse Facebook page… it took many, many years to build up our following… yes, we should have made another team member admin but hindsight does us no good right now.

Therefore, we created a NEW Facebook home for The Oil Posse.. it is not a fake, it is our current page until we can regain access to our former.

(NOTE: some are misunderstanding, our website is fine and we have all of our files, this issue only affects our ability to manage The Oil Posse FACEBOOK PAGE. We just need you to LIKE our new The Oil Posse FACEBOOK PAGE — see link below.)

Because we cannot post on that page, we need your help, please help spread the word. Please share our page with those on your team, or even in Facebook groups. We need help letting Young Living members know where we are on Facebook now so they will see the notices when we develop new marketing material.

We need YOU. 

I hope you can take a quick moment to LIKE our new page and help spread the word.


Here is the link to our new page: https://www.facebook.com/thenewoilposse/


The Oil Posse Team


  1. Sorry for the problem you’re facing. Could she open another account under her former name and access the Oil Posse page that way? Best wishes.

    1. No, but thank you for the suggestion. One would already have to be an admin for the page to be able to access the management part of the page. Yes, she can see the page but none of us can manage the page.

  2. I have several files that I have saved. I can email what I have to you, if that will help.

    Sent from my iPhone

    1. No worries, our files are secure and accessible. We just lost access to manage the Oil Posse Facebook page so we cannot notify our FB followers when we post new material here on the website. Thanks for writing and offering to help. “Like” our new Facebook page and spread the word. That is what will help the most.

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