FRONT (above is a PREVIEW only, look closely and you will see PREVIEW on the card. Do not save this graphic for printing.


BACK (above is a PREVIEW only, look closely and you will see PREVIEW on the card. Do not save this graphic for printing.


How many times have you wished you had a “Welcome to the Team” card to send to your new member? Well, wish no more, we have just the thing for you!! and this card has a BACK so you can write in your contact information! How cool is that?!

On the back of the card there are four white spaces around the life preserver. In each space you can write in your contact information (phone, email, facebook, text). If you are lacking any of these communication types then simply leave the space blank. In the middle of the life preserver you can write your name but that is optional.

This is designed specifically to print via Moo. You can >> click here << to go to Moo but we encourage you to watch the short tutorial to ensure you follow the right steps so that the back of your card has a WRITABLE surface. It is a little tricky and not straight forward so please watch the video below BEFORE you order via Moo.

See, we told you it was just a little tricky. We want to make sure you get exactly what you are hoping to receive!


We made saving the front and back of this card a bit easier by placing both files into one ZIP file. Most mobile devices will not open a ZIP file. Please be sure to download this file onto a laptop/desktop computer. Once you download the file, go to where you saved/downloaded the file on your computer, double click the file name and if your computer has an unzipping program (most have this automatically) then the file will open and create a folder. The folder should have the same name as the file. Within this folder will be the two JPG files to upload to Moo. See the video if you need a tutorial for how to order the cards via Moo.

Click/touch >> HERE << to save the ZIP file with the front and back JPG files for the Welcome to the Team card

*If you do not know how to save a ZIP file to your device, please use your favorite search outlet (such as Google or Yahoo) and type in the brand/model of your device and then “how to save a ZIP file,” this should provide you with the instructions you need.

Remember where you saved the card because you will need to upload it to Moo to order.