How many times have you wished you had a “Welcome to Young Living” card to send to your new member? Well, wish no more, we have just the thing for you!!

This is designed specifically to print via Moo. You can >> click here << to go to Moo but we encourage you to watch the short tutorial to ensure you follow the right steps so that the back of your card has a WRITABLE surface. It is a little tricky and not straight forward so please watch the video below BEFORE you order via Moo.

See, we told you it was just a little tricky. We want to make sure you get exactly what you are hoping to receive!


Click/touch the “Welcome to Young Living” card ABOVE (not the one below) and then either (1) right click, then “save as” or (2) touch and hold to save, the method will depend on your device.

*If you do not know how to save a graphic/photo with your device, please use your favorite search feature (Google, for instance) and type in the brand/model of your device and then “how to save a photo,” this should provide you with the instructions you need.

Remember where you saved the card because you will need to upload it to Moo to order.


AND, just in case you are in a pinch and want to print some from home, we tweeked the design to fit the same cards as our “Vitality in the Kitchen” line of love it share it cards (NOT the regular love it share it cards).

A few guidelines for usage: please do not alter the card in any way, please provide a link back to this page when sharing with others online, no one is authorized to profit from this design in any way. We hope you will respect the time of the designer and follow the guidelines for use.

Supplies to PRINT at home:

The below card (the below card WILL NOT work with Moo) is designed to be used with the Avery perforated Postcard/Index card size 5.5″ x 4.25″ with 4 cards per page. (Avery 3263, 3380, 5689, 8383, 8387, 8577).

The best value is the 200 card box, Avery 5689, which you can purchase directly from Amazon by clicking/touching HERE.

Avery Size Welcome to the Team Card:

Be sure to download the PDF file for 4 of these cards on one page that will fit the Avery cards above.



Click/Touch >> HERE << to download the PDF file for the above welcome to young living