We are super excited to bring you a “Welcome to the Team” card in lavender! Now you can match your banners and/or business cards with this awesome welcome/contact card. The back of the card provides you with space to add your email, phone number, and other contact information. Also, we are offering to ADD YOUR CONTACT INFO for you, for a small fee! Woo Hoo!! We know some of you have requested this many times over and we can now offer this for you for this particular design.


FRONT (above is a PREVIEW only, it is a SMALLER size than what you need to order. Do not save this graphic for printing.


BACK (above is a PREVIEW only, it is a SMALLER size than what you need for printing. Do not save this graphic for printing.


How many times have you wished you had a “Welcome to the Team” card to send to your new member? Well, wish no more, we have just the thing for you!! and this card has a BACK so you can write in your contact information — or we can add it for you! How cool is that?!

On the back of the card there are four white spaces around the life preserver. In each space you can write in your contact information (phone, email, facebook, text). If you are lacking any of these communication types then simply leave the space blank. In the middle of the life preserver you can write your name but that is optional.

This is designed specifically to print via Vista Print. You can >> click here << to go to Vista Print but we encourage you to watch the short tutorial to ensure you follow the right steps so that you select “MATTE” to, hopefully, have a writeable surface — we do not guarantee this to be a true “MATTE” finish as we have not ordered this option from VistaPrint, some places say matte finish but it still has a coating so that it is not writeable. Please contact VistaPrint to find out if their “Matte” is uncoated if you are going to have to write in your information. See below as we are now offering to add your contact information for a small fee!

See, we told you it was just a little tricky. We want to make sure you get exactly what you are hoping to receive!



Here is an example of what the card will look like when your information is added to it. We do not have green available for this particular option, yet. Currently the offer to add your information is ONLY for the lavender colored card.

You are welcome to download the card and add your contact information yourself. Some of you know and understand how to do this.



Click/Touch here to download the above design in PDF format


Click/Touch here to download the above design in PDF format


Have Us Add Your Contact Information

For those that would like to have this done for them, we are now offering this service. Since the cards do not have any YL trademarks, branding, etc. We are able to provide this service for you for a fee. For just $3 we will add your information! However, please note that you will need to click here to fill out the form to ensure we have everything we need to properly fill in your contact information. If we have to stop and repeatedly ask you for this information, it will require a lot more time and take time away from fulfilling the requests of others. So, please fill out the form and triple check what you type before sending the form. We are not responsible for typos and/or auto-correct issues. You are responsible for triple checking all the information before sending the form to us. We appreciate the time you will take to make sure this is accurate.


Send $3 to (make sure your actual name, not just business name, is stated clearly so we can match the payment with the form):

CLICK/TOUCH HERE to send $3 via PayPal to The Oil Posse team

Form for sending your contact information (this is a Google Form, we will only fulfill request that use this form to submit their contact information, please do not email us your contact information, this form is required as it will ensure better accuracy):