Booklet: Welcome to Young Living

So many of you have requested this and we are so excited to finally be able to offer it to you! This is a 16 page (17 with cover) booklet that will help welcome a new member to your team.
The booklet offers tips and advice to guide him/her through their first few months with Young Living. There is also blank lines for you to fill in for your team name, sponsors name/number/email, etc.
Help make your new members oily journey special with this handy guide.
You are welcome to add your information where indicated but please do not alter the guide in any other form or fashion.
No one is authorized to take this guide and sell it in any form. Please respect the time and work we have put into this guide. If you share this with your team members, please provide the link to this page.
Now that the formalities are out of the way . . . we hope you enjoy this offering.
Click/Touch here to download the PDF version of this guide
Need a Spanish version? Click/Touch here to get one in Spanish.
Need Supplies?
If you would like to create your own spiral bound booklets you may find the following tools helpful (click/touch the links to purchase directly from Amazon):
Fellowes Binding Machine Star Plus
Fellowes Plastic Comb Binding Spines, 1/4 inch diameter, black, 20 sheets, 100 per pack
Fellowes Binding Presentation Covers, Letter Size, Clear, 100 Per Pack
Or, if you simply want to three-hole punch and place in clear report folders these tools may come in handy (Click/touch the links to purchase directly from Amazon):
Oxford Clear Front Report covers, Letter Size, Dark Blue (be sure to click on the dark blue color), 25 per box
Swingline 3 Hole Punch, Desktop, Punches 2-7 Holes, LightTouch, High Capacity, 20 Sheets
HP Multipurpose Ultra White, 20lb, Letter Size, 96 Bright, 500 Sheets (1 Ream) 3-Hole Punch Paper (be sure you have clicked on the 3-hole punch paper when you get to this link)

15 thoughts on “Booklet: Welcome to Young Living”

    1. Hi there,
      I was looking for the Welcome Guide, the updated 2017 version. I can’t seem to find it. Could you please send me a link to it? Thank you in advance! Thank you for all the amazing resources too! 🙂

    1. Jennifer — The link was tested on three different computers, in three different homes before it was posted and we had them tested again, just now and the link is still working properly. Remember to download on a desktop/laptop computer as the file is large and may not download on most mobile devices.
      Lavender Lobby Team

    1. Hi Charlotte,
      This is made for you to download and print. You can download the file and send it to your local printer (we used Office Depot) and have it spiral bound.
      Thanks for writing

  1. I love your welcome book. Is there any way for me to be able to add more information to it and not violate your copy right on it. I would retain the bottom and still give you all total credit for the book. I would just love to be able to add information to it not take anything away. Thank you. I love your page! and that you are sharing all of this information with us. You are truly blessed!

  2. Thanks for this amazing resource. Just thought you might want to know that the link underneath the front page pic is still to the old version – there is no “_updated2” on the end of the file name.

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