***2018 UPDATE***

Dear YL Members,
We can no longer keep this list current. Per YL Product Support, they are no longer releasing allergen lists. They said, in an email to us, that because they source from various vendors, the cross-contamination may vary from vendor to vendor, batch to batch. Therefore, they feel it would be impossible to provide one set list. You are welcome to use this as a guide BUT we encourage you to question EVERYTHING. YL Product Support will answer specific questions about ONE product and/or ONE ingredient. Please feel free to contact them at: productsupport@youngliving.com
The Oil Posse Team does not agree with this decision. Allergies are a serious matter and we, as consumers of their products, should be able to feel safe using a product… the idea that allergens could be possible and different depending on the vendor is alarming to those that suffer from allergens and/or Celiac. We understand it was a necessary move to ensure more products remain in stock but brings major concerns to many with these issues. Please reach out to YL Product Support and check your product from time to time. Be careful and safe. It is our hope they will be able to secure one or two vendors that can ensure the ingredient is free of allergens… until that time we have no choice but to question everything.
The Oil Posse Team

*** END 2018 UPDATE ***

** 2017 Convention Released Products: we have carefully combed through the ingredients of each of YL’s newly released products, released during YL’s 2017 Fulfill Your Destiny convention, and have not found any ingredients that would bring someone suffering from Celiac pause. Also, one of YL’s product researchers stated that all of the newly released products were gluten-free. However, they are not certified GF and we make no definitive claims. If you suffer from any condition that requires you to be gluten free we ALWAYS encourage you to review the ingredients, ask questions (productsupport@youngliving.com) and then make a decision that is best for you. We do our best to provide you with as accurate information as possible but it should not be your only source with which to make your decisions.**
NOTE: Young Living is NO LONGER providing a full product list for allergens. They will respond to questions about a singular product and/or ingredient. This means we would have to spend hours on each product, asking questions and really digging into the ingredients. We will do this IF WE HAVE TIME and will update IF we are able to do so. I would encourage everyone to reach out to YL Product Support and demand an allergen list. We are honestly very disheartened by this decision and we feel it IS their job to provide this. You can reach them at: productsupport@youngliving.com
Have concerns about gluten in any of Young Living’s products? Hopefully this page will help alleviate those concerns. None of the lists should be considered all inclusive but as of the date of this posting they should be as accurate as one can possibly maintain.
You will notice that the Young Living Lavender-Mint and Copaiba-Vanilla Shampoo and Conditioner products are not on the list as gluten containing. The reason is because while YL cannot obtain information from some of the ingredient sources to confirm this . . . we have done extensive research into each ingredient for each of those products and could not connect any of the ingredients to a gluten source. As one of us is extremely sensitive to gluten (medically confirmed Celiac) and have used both of these, we feel fairly confident that those who suffer from Celiac should have no issues with these products. However, proceed with caution and be sure to test a small area on your arm before using, just in case.
It is also important to note that none of Young Living’s single or blend essential oils contain gluten. They are all gluten-free but this is not an all-inclusive list of gf products made by  Young Living (see below of a list of gluten containing products).

Disclaimer: We make no claims that this is an all-inclusive list. Please always check the product label for a full list of ingredients. If you are still unsure, please contact Young Living. Ultimately, you are responsible for your own safety and use of products.

The following supplements and meal replacements are NOT gluten-free (*note: we are aware that if properly grown, harvested, and processed, barley grass is gluten-free. However, Young Living cannot confirm that their source of barley grass is free of cross-contamination. Therefore, they do not list products with their sourced barley grass as gluten-free):
ALL Einkhorn products
• Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola (wheat)
• Wolfberry Crisp Chocolate Bars (wheat)
• Einkorn Rotini Pasta (wheat)
• New Master Formula (2015) (contains barley grass in the micronized capsule*)
• Balance Complete (contains barley juice)
• JuvaPower (contains barley sprout)
• JuvaSpice (contains barley sprout)
• Multigreens (contains barley juice)
• TrueSource (contains barley grass*)
• Allerzyme (contains barley sprout)
• Ecuadorian Dark Chocolessence
• KidScent MightyVites
• Bowsellia Wrinkle Cream
Contains non-certified gluten-free oats:
• JuvaPower (contains oat bran)
• JuvaSpice (contains oat bran)
• ART Crème Masque
• ART Renewal Serum
The following items contain Wheat Protein
ALL Einkhorn products
• Gary’s True Grit Einkorn Granola (wheat)
• Wolfberry Crisp Chocolate Bars (wheat)
• Einkorn Rotini Pasta (wheat)
• Orange Blossom Facial Wash
• Sandalwood Moisturizing Cream
• Satin Facial Scrub
• Wolfberry Eye Cream
Wheat Germ oil* (see note below)
• Animal Scents Ointment
• Cel-Lite Magic Massage Oil
• Dragon Time Massage Oil
• Genesis Hand and Body Lotion
• KidScents bath Gel
• KidScents Lotion
• KidScents Shampoo
• KidScents Tender Tush
• Lavender Volume Shampoo
• Lavender Volume Conditioner
• Ortho Ease Massage Oil
• Ortho Sport Massage Oil
• Prenolone
• Prenolone Plus
• Protec
• Regenolone
• Relaxation Massage Oil
• Rose Ointment
• Sensation Hand and Body Lotion
• Sensation Massage Oil
• V-6 Vegetable Oil Complex
• Handmade Bar Soaps (contains organic oatmeal)
• ART Day Activator
• ART Night Reconstructor
• Thieves Foaming Hand Soap
• Lavender Foaming Hand Soap
Curious about wheat germ oil? Here is what the National Foundation for Celiac Awareness has to say about wheat germ oil (as stated below “should be avoided by those with celiac disease”):

“Wheat germ oil can be a little confusing regarding gluten content. In the United States, under the Food Allergen Labeling and Consumer Protection Act (FALCPA), any highly refined oil (oil that has been heavily processed) or ingredients made from highly refined oil, are exempt from allergen labeling, as these refined oils are thought to be safe for the food-allergic/intolerant population to consume. Oils that are not highly refined (i.e. mechanical or cold-pressed oils), may not have all of the protein removed, and may, theoretically, contain residual amounts of gluten and should be avoided by those with celiac disease.”

We are working to find out if the wheat germ oil used in YL products are highly refined or mechanic/cold pressed. Once we obtain this information we will update this post.
The following have been confirmed by YL Product Support to be gluten-free (this is NOT an all-inclusive list):
Gluten-Free Oil Softgel Supplements:
• Digest + Cleanse
• Inner Defense
• Life 5
• Life 9
• Longevity
• SleepEssence
Gluten-Free Meal Replacements
• Slique Shake
• Power Meal
• Pure Protein Complete (Chocolate and Vanilla Spice)
Gluten-Free Nutritional Supplements
• AgilEase
• PowerGize
• AlkaLime
• BLM Capsules & Powder
• ComforTone
• Estro
• JuvaTone
• K&B
• Rehemogen
• Sulfurzyme Capsules
• Sulfurzyme Powder
• SuperCal
Gluten-Free Enzymes:
• Essentialzymes
• Essentialzymes-4
• KidScents Mightyzymes