YL Water Bottle: Protective Sleeves

Protective silicone sleeves that fit the YL water bottle.

Some of us purchased a YL water bottle but quickly realized we absolutely needed a protective silicone sleeve that would fit this beautiful bottle.

After some trial and error we found one that fits perfectly! You can purchase them individually but the individual cost is up there. Our suggestion is to purchase the 6-pack and then sell the colors that do not fit your personality. If you sell them for $9 each, you should have enough to pay for the sleeve, shipping, materials, and invoicing fee. The link to order is below the following two pictures.

Also, we were told the 2014 YL water bottles has the same circumference as the Spring 2016 bottle so this sleeve should fit both bottles.



You can see the six colors we received were navy blue, royal blue, olive green, red, purple, and ice blue. When you go to the Amazon link you will notice one that appears black but it is actually purple. However, the colors do not appear to be “set in stone.”

Click/Touch here to order a 6-pack of protective sleeves directly from Amazon

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